The office re-imagined – Hybrid Workplace

I came across this article on re-imagining the future headquarters of financial services firms, and came to think about the project on Remote Work that I was engaged in last year. Some industries will have an easier time of re-imaging their workplace than others, and I find myself wondering if it isn’t a bit more difficult for the finance industry due to culture and expectations. I am not bringing this up as a negative thing – when I was a finance student, I loved the glamour and flashy offices I and my fellow students got to visit. This was one of the many charms the industry had to offer. How will it affect the possibility to attract the best human resources out there if you remove the glamour and appeal of the “cool and centrally placed” office aspect?

Well, re-imagining a workplace and moving to a Remote Workplace setting does not automatically mean that you have to ditch the office entirely. As the article brings up, you can re-design and redefine in accordance to new needs and expectations from the future work force, and a Hybrid form of workplace will be expected, as well as an inspiring and entrepreneurial decor and culture – the change management aspect is the most crucial one. Finding new office space and location is difficult in itself, but changing management mindsets and way of working among the work force is another entirely.

As the article so brilliantly brings up, the way a workplace is designed has a large effect on people’s well-being. There are academic studies to pull from – decisions should be evidence based, and not taken on the basis of prejudice. Of course, budget is a constricting factor, but that and regulatory requirements should be the main hindrances to the “dream workplace” rather than prejudice from c-suit individuals and management preferences.

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