What kind of questions and cases can Hvitravnur help you with, either I or my network of partners?

Finance & Insurance

Are you selling your company and need help with valuation and finding buyers? Or maybe selling parts of the company, such as a product line or e-commerce site?

Do you need help with mapping out risks, and implementing a new risk management process?

– Company valuation
– Sales of assets
– Selling your company
– Carve out
– Credit management
– Mapping risks
– Creating and implementing a risk management process
– Reviewing and improving premium setting processes
– Digitization and automation


Do you want to grow your company, and need help setting up or adapting your sales strategy?

Do you need help in setting up workshops and sales education? Or a speaker for a seminar?

– B2B complex sales
– Setting up a sales process
– Workshops / education

Management Consulting

Do you need help do digitally transform your company, and automate processes?

Is your company in need of looking through its strategy, or to launch a new product in a new market?

– Management Consulting
– Digital transformation
– Project management
– Process development