Leaders who enable

Building on my latest post, “Death by Middle Management”, I would like to share my piece on what I perceive as a constructive, value creating manager.

My experience of leaders who have genuinely been appreciated by colleagues and have been positive for their organization have been those who

  1. Were not actively engaged in a political “fight” for a position, or protecting the one they had (including salary)
  2. Enable and allot time for their colleagues to learn new things (e.g. programming, new business area)
  3. Swiftly and transparently deal with bad behavior or transgressions in the team they manage, whether the issue was instigated by a colleague or someone from another team or an external party

Despite what “toxic” managers believe, most people in their surroundings are aware of their bad behavior but are too afraid to raise their concerns. The opposite is the case for a constructive leader who enable their colleagues to grow; the praise they receive is genuine, and their colleagues stay with them longer (lower employee turnover).

As mentioned in last month’s post I do plan to write a book on the topic of company culture and middle management (titled “Death by Middle Management”). If you want to discuss the subject in the mean time, do not hesitate to get in touch.