4 years as a consultant

I sent my fourth annual report the other day, marking my fourth year (with 3 active ones) as a freelance consultant. Aside from the satisfaction of having all your accounts balancing and closing a fiscal year, it felt a bit surreal that a four whole years have passed!

I established the company when the Covid-19 pandemic had just broken out, learning the steps of how to get gigs by research and evaluation of steps taken. I learned wich consultant brokers I preferred, and when it was relevant to contact a possible client directly (which is how I got one of my five gigs).

I paused the blog mid-2022 due to lack of time, or rather – me not prioritizing it. Though the blog does not affect my business in the least (in terms of getting traction and new gigs), I do see the added value of chronicling my journey and being transparent (well, as transparent as I may in terms of the work I do at a client, for obvious reasons).

I have sense established a second company (more on that in a future post), re-activated the TailSense project, had 3 large cap companies as clients (Bosh und Siemens, Telenor and Volvo Cars) and niched into more analytical roles rather than the classical management consultant roles I thought I would be working with.

I hope for four more years as a freelancer, and more. To be continued, as I always say.