2nd year of business: a summary

2021 marks the true first year of business for Hvitravnur AB, as 2020 was spent on creating the company, building the brand, creating connections with consultancy brokers, getting Tvålbutiken (my e-commerce website for hand made soap in Sweden) up and running and spending time to reflect on what I wanted to do with the company. I also attended the Antler program, an early-stage VC and start-up hub with offices around the world – given that the Covid-19 pandemic was at its apex, the program was conducted online.

Early 2021 marked the company’s first longer and big consultancy project followed by a second one, both set in two large and international groups in the retail and cars industries.

Tvålbutiken made 4 times its revenue in 2021 as compared to 2020, and Hvitravnur AB hit and went over the 1M mark in Q4.

Planning (using a good CRM-system), hard and smart work (based on analysis and improving processes) has created the success Hvitravnur AB and I now experience.  

In 2022, I plan to revisit and put more efforts on my entrepreneurial ambitions, next to the consultancy projects. I will be testing out SUP46’s offices to broaden my network, and try out a new business venture (tbc, you can stay tuned via my brand page, amiraroula.com).

Looking for another successful 2022, being ready for the troubles that may come (be it Omicron or worse) and look forward to take on new exiting projects. Happy new year!