Tvålbutiken (The Soap Shop) one year anniversary!

In February 2020, I had an idea of starting an e-commerce website for hand made soaps. It took two months to go from idea, to research, logo creation via Freelancer to a finished e-commerce website. In April 2020, the press release was out there, and the shop opened for visitors:

The shop focuses on hand made soap created locally in Sweden by small scale soap makers. This also led to the decision to only allow for orders to be made within Sweden, and to only include hand made soaps and a limited amount of complementary products. Only small scale producers are allowed as feautured soap makers on the page. There are tons of cosmetics and soap stores out there, but a very limited amount which focuses on small scale producers.

It has been a fantastic learning process and journey, allowing me to learn subjects from various fields such as:

  • D2C (Direct to Consumer sales)
  • Google Analytics, Google Ads and the Google suit of products in general
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • The EU legislation for cosmetic products (hand made soap is legally a cosmetic product and falls under the EC 1223/2009 regulation) – I made a short pdf for soap makers on the subject
  • Basic soap making

The revenue of Q1 2021 equals the whole turnover of 2020 (Q2-Q4), much due to SEO and Google Shopping Ads. To celebrate, all orders over 500 SEK get a 20% discount – use the code APRIL2021 in the cash register to get your rebate (keep in mind that I only ship to addresses in Sweden!).