TailSense – your ultimate pet app!

One of the project I am currently working on in (in my spare time and as part of my engagement in Antler) is TailSense, a pet app for cat and dog owners: https://tailsense.com

Foto by Gustav Lorenz. All rights belong to Hvitravnur aB.

TailSense is an app that will help you to keep track of your pet’s health, veterinary visits, insurance and everything that is important in their daily life. TailSense will remind you of when it is time to contact your vet, when it is time to renew your insurance, how much your cat and dog weighs and how much of a certain medication they need to take.

I used things I learned and take-aways from my work with “Receptappen” (a recipe app, see the case page about it) when working with TailSense – i.e. creating a Figma design showing the usability and UX/GUI side.

For the business case itself, I did the practical market research and business modelling side. An idea such as TailSense involves good relations with pet insurance companies and veterinary clinics, and of course a next step is to get meetings with these parties.

What makes TailSense different from the heaps of pet apps out there? Now there is the “the core of the pudel” as we say in Swedish:

  • My unique insight into the insurance business, and the InsurTech platform powering it which will allow for:
    • Cheaper insurance for end consumer
    • Lower claims rates for the insurance companies
  • Connecting insurance and end user data to the veterinary side

There is of course a much more encompassing case to present. Do you have someone in mind that I should talk to? Send me a digital holler: