My book about InsurTech: “InsurTech – Digitalizing the Insurance Industry”

During my time as a CEO of a startup in the insurance brokerage sphere I saw a lot of legacy systems being used in the industry. I was curious as to why FinTech has become a household name in banking, but InsurTech (insurance technology) has not in its field. I started researching, interviewing active InsurTech and insurance companies – and my short book “InsurTech – Digitalizing the Insurance Industry” is the result.

Thanks to Per Holm for taking the picture for the press release, and to Joakim for the PM text. Thanks also to the companies participating with insights that are presented in the book.

This has been an amazing journey, I have learned:

  • Change in the InsurTech sphere is quick. I mean really quick. Vertical integration and new InsurTech companies becoming insurance carriers is going faster than I thought when I started writing this book in fall of last year.
  • ISBN codes, and how to publish your own book. Did you know that ISBN codes do cost a quite a lot in most countries, but are provided for free in Sweden by The Royal Library (Kungliga biblioteket)? An ISBN code is the barcode at the back of the book, showing where the book originates from etc
  • It is possible to design your own book cover in Adobe InDesign, it does take time though if you have never used that kind of design tools before.
  • Reading through scientific articles and industry reports is more fun than you think
  • It is better to be short and concise then to babble when writing an informative text

I look forward to see how the insurance industry will change the coming years – and to possibly write a part two of this book in 5-10 years from now.