Implementing remote work and the Future Way of Working

After aligning with my client, I can now announce which gig I have been working on sense March this year – I am working as a Strategy Business Developer at BSH Home Appliances!

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide, and I am currently assisting the Nordic and Baltic branch (NE).

One of the two projects I am engaged in focuses on Remote Work post-Covid, “The Future Way of Working”. Most companies have had to adapt to 100% remote work in a short time, and most have at least a temporary plan until year-end on how to transition back to a non-pandemic work mode. What about the future vision though? It is this question that BSH Nordics has looked at since September 2020, and that I have been helping in facilitating.

Remote work at BSH Home Appliances (Nordics & Baltics)

Based on a company-wide survey, interviews and academic research, the project team has looked at office set-up, remote leadership, social interaction, online tools and legal ramifications (e.g. local law, work environment).

After a lot of work from engaged employees in different departments, stakeholders and team members, management has decided on a policy of 60% remote work, offering as much flexibility as possible without negatively impacting team and cross-team co-operation.

To be continued! I hope to be able to give more info soon on the other project I am working with as well, which is a go-to-market project focusing on a new and exciting business area.

Private picture: Bosch Food Processor from the early 00s.

Pictured: the Bosh food processor I got as a Christmas gift from the family of a boy I was helping out as a private tutor in English in the beginning of the 2000s. It’s still alive, kicking and delivering some two decades later.

Key take-way: create lasting quality, which gives you lasting consumer loyalty and a strong brand image.