Brand Awareness Survey – The result

When you are an entrepreneur, you will most likely have several business and ideas going on at the same time. As fun as that is for you, it might cause your clients, partners, friends and so on to become a bit confused.

“What is it you do again, exactly?” is a common question I get.  I took on my consultancy hat on and thought: “It is thus time for a brand awareness survey!”

Using Typeform, I created a survey asking business partners and friends how they viewed me professionally, and how much they knew about my respective businesses.

Picture of Amira Roula

According to the survey, 100% of the respondents knew of my consultancy business Hvitravnur AB. 77.8% knew of my e-commerce website Tvålbutiken which focuses on environment friendly hand made soap. 44.4% knew of my entrepreneurial journey with Antler. 22.2% knew of my business idea TailSense (

In terms of me professionally, 88.9% of you thought I had a strong narrative and personality.

Asked about my LinkedIn page, I received a lot of good feedback such as:

  • Having a profile pic that is more fitting (facing forward)
  • Confirming the view I have of myself: strong financial, tech and management skills and an entrepreneurial generalist
  • On a scale of 1-5 on the question if I am entrepreneur, most respondents gave me a 5 (with one respondent answering 2)
  • As I suspected when working on my brand awareness research, a lot of you find me difficult to categorize in terms of roles I can fill professionally, which reflected itself on the question on whether I have a clear business profile
  • Despite the uncertainty relating to line roles, most of you felt confident you knew what my main competencies were
  • The trust level was high, which of course makes me happy as an individual and professional
  • I was described as driven and engaged, and with a skills that did not quite get to shine through on my LinkedIn (more boasting in the future perhaps!)

As a first consequence of the survey, I have released a “brand page” describing me and my businesses: ! It is a work in progress, but one of the steps I am taking in making my brand(s) more comprehensible.

Thank you again to all of you who answered the survey!

P.S. Oh, and the contest for 250 SEK? The happy winner has been contacted and is probably shopping away as you are reading this.